Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme

Our research

A small selection of our current research with industry and topical research issues are outlined here.

Researchers in the IMM Programme come from the faculties of Science, Engineering and Business and Economics.  Many of our research projects are multi-disciplinary in nature drawing expertise from diverse areas to address a single problem.

  • Roading revolution

    Read about how our mechanical engineers are making you safer on the road with faster application of rumble strips.

  • Nano-fibre research

    Ground-breaking research, measuring the improvement the introduction of nano-fibre makes to composite materials.

  • Using laser technologies

    The high-tech, ultrafast laser pulses we generate are used for everything from discovering fundamental knowledge to manufacturing on a microscopic scale.

  • Ultra short laser pulse technology

    Lasers are all around us and have a huge impact on our lives. The realm of the ultra-small has incredible possibilities.

  • Polymer electronics

    Polymer electronics, biomedical applications of conducting polymers and nanomaterials, composite plastics for smart packaging, organic electronic devices and more.