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The Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme welcomes your attendance and participation in our insightful events held throughout the year. A list of PAST EVENTS is also provided below.

Dr Minas Liarokapis
Dr Minas Liarokapis, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Tech Tuesday Forum for Innovative Manufacturers

TOPIC: Ultraflexible Manufacturing: The next step in human-robot collaboration

We are familiar with the routines and benefits of flexible industrial automation, though its future is yet to be determined. Dr Minas Liarokapis will discuss how optimising human-robot interaction can contribute to the development of new ultraflexible industrial automation paradigms – where humans play specific roles alongside robots, and the scaling or reconfiguration of production lines for new products can be accomplished on demand, without needing new infrastructure, thereby facilitating flexibility in production lines.

This presentation will discuss the challenges of creating such sophisticated human robot collaboration frameworks and will include a showcase of hardware and software experiments from the New Dexterity Research group. 

DATE & TIME: Tuesday 25 JUNE 2019 | 5 - 7pm (Nibbles and drinks will be served)

VENUE: University of Auckland, Newmarket Campus Seminar Room (902.402) | Free parking via Gate 3, 314-390 Khyber Pass Road. Please register your vehicle at reception to avoid towing. You may need to press the intercom button at the Gate 3 boom for access.


PRESENTER: Dr Minas Liarokapis, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering



Dr Minas Liarokapis is a Lecturer in the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering and the Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s New Dexterity Research group. He is interested in equipping robots with dexterous manipulation capabilities and enabling humans to regain their lost dexterity or augment their performance, modelling, designing and controlling new robotics and bionics hardware.

Man with lasers. Tech Tuesday Business Breakfasts

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The Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme can help you to develop successful new products and services and increase profitability through ideas generation, technology development and innovation implementation.

As a part of the IMM Programme, we host an exciting calendar of industry events throughout the year. These events offer innovative and novel insights into design, manufacturing efficiency, processing technology, and materials science.

By attending our events, you will become a part of an ongoing dialogue between industry experts, academics, and anyone with a stake in the future of New Zealand’s innovative manufacturing and design sector.


OUR NEXT EVENT will be a Tech Tuesday Forum for Innovative Manufacturers on 25 June 2019, an evening event commencing at 5.00pm on our Newmarket Campus.




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