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The Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme welcomes your attendance and participation in our insightful events held throughout the year. A list of PAST EVENTS is also provided below.

Tilo Soehnel
Dr Tilo Söhnel - Associate Professor, Chemical Sciences

Tech Tuesday Forum for Innovative Manufacturers


The world of particle physics is often a distant one for many of us, with facilities like the Large Hadron Collider coming to mind. Associate Professor Tilo Söhnel will discuss how similar world-class technologies are accessible to us, right in our hemisphere – specifically a neutron reactor and particle accelerator located in Australia. Over the years, Tilo and and his colleagues have been applying their findings to a variety of materials in our daily lives, from biology and food, to fuel cells and batteries. With the facilities being available for hire, he will further consider the currently untapped commercial value that “beam time” can have for the future of many New Zealand industries.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday 26 February 2019 | 5 - 7pm (Nibbles and drinks will be served)

VENUE: University of Auckland, Newmarket Campus Seminar Room (902.402) | Free parking via Gate 3, 314-390 Khyber Pass Road. Please register your vehicle at reception to avoid towing. You may need to press the intercom button at the Gate 3 boom for access



PRESENTER: Associate Professor Tilo Söhnel, Associate Professor, Chemical Sciences



Tilo Söhnel's research is focused on a broad range of theoretical and experimental inorganic materials chemistry, such as the crystal structures and electronic states of main group metal cluster compounds, preparation and physical characterization of potential application materials with unusual mixed metal oxidation states, and density functional theory calculations of electronic structure of solid materials, surfaces, and molecule crystals.

This work involves a large number of national and international co-operations with research groups on the different topics in inorganic materials and theoretical chemistry.

Man with lasers. Tech Tuesday Business Breakfasts

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The Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme can help you to develop successful new products and services and increase profitability through ideas generation, technology development and innovation implementation.

As a part of the IMM Programme, we host an exciting calendar of industry events throughout the year. These events offer innovative and novel insights into design, manufacturing efficiency, processing technology, and materials science.

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OUR NEXT EVENT will be a Tech Tuesday Forum for Innovative Manufacturers on 26 February 2019, an evening event commencing at 5.00pm on our Newmarket Campus.




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