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Our events... MaDE conference dates have been postponed to January 2022. Revised CONFERENCE PROGRAMME to be published soon. VISIT for updates.

"MaDE2021: Manufacturing, Design and Entrepreneurship in NZ, looking beyond the horizon" will be the 5th national conference bringing the MaDE NZ Network together. The Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme welcomes your attendance and participation in our insightful events held throughout the year. A list of PAST EVENTS is also provided.

Tech Tuesday Forum for Innovative Manufacturers

Date/Time:  2 November 2021 / 5 - 6pm
Online event: Zoom Link will be sent following registration

Developing entrepreneurial brains and its impact


We face rapid technological change, a shifting future of work and a world with complex problems.


So how could having an entrepreneurial mindset help us to navigate these challenges?


From risk acceptance to innovativeness, the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset are not only being celebrated, but demanded, in a vast range of contexts. Medical industries, sports teams, venture creation and government organisations are just a few areas where it is a huge advantage.


In this exciting talk learn how the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is developing entrepreneurial brains and the impact of doing so – even for those who don’t want to become an entrepreneur.

RSVP: CLICK HERE to register. This forum will be online via Zoom. You will receive the link when you register.
Presenter: Darsel Keane, Director of the University of Auckland’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

About the


Prior to becoming CIE director, Darsel Keane has previously worked at the Icehouse and EverEdge IP in intellectual property and commercialisation consulting. Her PhD examines how to measure an entrepreneurial mindset. Darsel has been foundational in establishing programmes at the CIE and in building the Unleash Space from the ground up.
Man with lasers. Tech Tuesday Business Breakfasts

More about the Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme

The Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme can help you to develop successful new products and services and increase profitability through ideas generation, technology development and innovation implementation.

As a part of the IMM Programme, we host an exciting calendar of industry events throughout the year. These events offer innovative and novel insights into design, manufacturing efficiency, processing technology, and materials science.

By attending our events, you will become a part of an ongoing dialogue between industry experts, academics, and anyone with a stake in the future of New Zealand’s innovative manufacturing and design sector.


OUR NEXT EVENT will be our last Tech Tuesday Forum of 2021 for Innovative Manufacturers, on Tuesday 2 November.


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