Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme

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The NZ MaD Network

The MaD Network is a newly formed community of New Zealand researchers in manufacturing and design, working in close collaboration with industry. This cross-disciplinary researcher network is focused on New Zealand’s manufacturing economy of the future. 

Development of the MaD Network is currently led by the Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme. Funding for this initiative is provided by a University of Auckland Strategic Initiative Research Fund. 

Our MISSION is….

To develop expertise and capability in translational research, to grow New Zealand’s high-tech manufacturing economy

Our VISION is…

For New Zealand to be recognised as a leading, technology empowered economy driven by innovative, high-value, niche manufacturing and design

Initiated in 2016, the scope and membership of the MaD Network is quickly being established. MaD for the Future 2017 was the network’s inaugural national conference, at which we continued to refine who we are and what we do. Planning is well underway for MaD for the Future 2018: The Second National Conference for Innovation in Manufacturing and Design.

Who we are:

  • Researchers from New Zealand tertiary institutes, crown research institutes and companies who are willing and able to fulfil the MaD Network Mission
  • Those educating and those being educated for, or those participating in, New Zealand’s high-value manufacturing economy

What we do:

  • Focus on identifying and developing products and manufacturing sectors in which New Zealand can compete globally
  • Carry out active, collaborative research in disciplines of manufacturing and design that contribute to the MaD Network Mission
  • Conduct multi-disciplinary research, in the areas of Human Centred Design, Engineering Design, Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Systems and Innovation

MaD-IMM Seed Fund

The MaD-IMM seed-fund is inviting innovative applications for collaborative research projects in the areas of advanced manufacturing and design. Applications for up to $30,000 should be submitted via email, to by noon on Thursday 30 November 2017. View the application form here

For more information about specific criteria, and for a MS Word version of the Application Form, please contact Claire Reyneke at 84027 or

CONDITIONS OF AWARD    Successful seed fund project applications should:

  • Consider new manufacturing and design processes, digital/data methodologies, machines, and the organisational, commercial, societal and environmental impact of these in the NZ context
  • Have a multi-faculty project team, initially including researchers from the University of Auckland
  • As an initial phase of the project, a search for appropriate collaborating partners within at least one other institution (TEI and/or CRI) is required – the University of Auckland MaD Team can assist with suitable contacts and introductions. A travel budget for this collaboration needs to be included
  • Industry organisations are also encouraged as partners in the project teams. Strong preference will be given to projects which involve local New Zealand collaborations
  • Result in both research outcomes and a solid foundation for applications for funding from external sources.

Applications for up to $30,000 should be submitted to the IMM Programme by noon on Thursday 30th November 2017 and for final approval by 8th December 2017. The project should commence in early 2018, with the maximum project duration being one year.  Evaluation will include assessment of all of the above factors, as well as the capacity of the team to perform the research proposed (best team approach).

Specific criteria are:

  • Potential value: Does the proposed project open up a significant opportunity or solve an important problem for NZ?
  • Strong alignment with the MaD strategy for NZ: Does the proposed work bring the project to a stage where it could contribute to the MaD strategy for NZ?
  • Science excellence: Is the proposed science well founded?
  • Team quality: Does the team have the appropriate expertise to undertake the project and also take it to the next stage?
  • Funding source/s: Identification of future funding that will be applied for in order to support the expansion of this project beyond the initial seeded stage plus a clear indication of any existing funding sources already in place.